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To Kiss or Not to Kiss While Dating

Is kissing an evidence of lust? is kissing a form of sexual sin? If all sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin, is it also a sin to kiss. Kissing is a temptation and can lead to sin.

I read an interesting article about “The power of Kiss”…read on!

I did not save my first kiss for my wedding day and always thought that maybe some girls could handle kissing while still pursuing purity and others could not. But lately I’ve been asking a new question in relation to the issue of purity. Instead of asking, “Is this okay?” I think it’s more helpful to wonder, “Is this holy?” and “Is this what’s best for me and my future spouse?”

Since science has proven that every time you kiss someone your body wants to bond with that person at a chemical level, we know that there can never be kissing without an emotional connection. Science has also proven that a kiss can be even more powerful physically and emotionally than a full-fledged sexual encounter. That little tidbit of information sounds like a warning siren to me. “Steer clear! Kissing is a potential danger zone!”


One Response to “To Kiss or Not to Kiss While Dating”

  1. Yes you are right; absolutely right. Kissing is a potential danger zone. I did it and almost fell into sin of fornication while I was in courtship. I will advice every singles to beware of it.

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