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Warning Signs In Your Marriage

There are lots and lots of warning signs. Not every warning sign means that your spouse and you are not having an easy time of it. But what we do need to do is pay attention — pay close attention — to the things that are going on within the person that we love, and what’s going on within the relationship that we’ve committed ourselves to.

Shirked Responsibility Is a Warning Sign of a Troubled Marriage:-
This is generally a warning sign when couples have generally worked together on things and have shared responsibilities within their household and in their lives. So when you find that your partner is shirking responsibilities and not really interested in participating in the things that he or she used to participate in, you can take that as a sign that something is not quite right.

Disinterest in Working on Problems Is a Warning Sign of a Troubled Marriage:-
You may find that your spouse is no longer interested in dealing with problems, or dealing with any kind of conflict and just pulls back again, but in this way, wants to avoid making things better. This is sometimes an indication that there is some trouble going on in the marriage.

Abuse Is a Warning Sign of a Troubled Marriage:-
If you find your spouse is speaking to you in a very harsh way, is putting you down, is diminishing you, is hurting you, pushing you, shoving you, or in any way making your life miserable, you really need to take this as a warning sign that there is some trouble in your marriage.

We have to pay attention because there is always a reason when these things happen, and it may have to do with a dissatisfaction in the relationship — it may not — but it may and it’s worth investigating.


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