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Searching for Your Mate

The search for your mate can be a trying and tiring process. Doubt can flood your path at any step of the way. After months of seeking and seemingly not making any progress, even the most confident Christian can start to lose hope. You may start to wonder if God even wants you to get married at all. There were times when I believed that perhaps marital bliss was for everyone but me.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned during my search for a husband was that I had to be prepared for the possibility that God did not include marriage in His plan for my life. God gently reminded me over and over again that He would always be with me and He was all I needed. A husband could not cure loneliness and satisfy all of my needs because that is something that only God can do.

Another worthwhile lesson learned was that I could not compare myself to others. For one thing, this lead to negative ways of thinking about myself and my worth as a potential mate. I was constantly reminded through scripture that envy is wrong and that God gives as He sees fit. The only thing that I should be earnestly seeking is God’s plan for MY life, even if that means being called to a single life.

If you are searching for God’s will in your life regarding marriage, don’t stop praying about it. God will give you an answer in His time. Whenever you feel discouraged or impatient, call on God and draw even closer to Him. Always be listening for His voice to guide you and be sure to follow it when He speaks. In matters of character judgement and suitability of a potential mate I have avoided making decisions that could have caused me a lifetime of unhappiness by diligently listening for God’s direction and accepting His guidance even when it went against my will.

God has chosen to bless me with a wonderful husband and we know that we were designed for each other in His plan for our lives. God is good and He knows our needs and the desires of our hearts. Trust Him with your life, whether it includes marriage or not, and you will never be disappointed.


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