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Husband For Wife / Wife For Husband

Husband For Wife
My Wife: My wife is a kind, intelligent, virtuous woman and she does me good all the days of my life. She is more precious to me than any jewel. Her value can not be measured by any wealth the world contains. She comforts me, takes care of me as long as life is in her. She respects, honors, reveres, blesses and cares for me, enabled by the love shed abroad in her heart.She is wise and builds up our household. The beauty of her heart shines with the charm of a gentle and quiet spirit, rejoicing always. She fits in with my plans and her heart and life speak forth truth in love. She is a pearl of great price and the light of my life. Her words speak forth wisdom and you have anointed her lips with kindness. She is one with me and I will do her good all the days of her life. I love and will love her the way You, Christ, love the church.

Wife For Husband
My Husband: I thank you Lord my husband loves me as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it. He nourishes and tenderly protects me. His prayers are never hindered because he is thoughtful, kind, tenderhearted, forgiving, and long-suffering. He treats me with respect for we are partners, friends and heirs together in Christ. He lives with me in joyful manner full of hope for a blessed and healthy future. He loves me, trust me, and will love me all the days of his life. He walks in strength and dignity and everything he puts his hand to is successful. You have anointed his tongue with kindness and his heart of mercy triumphs over any desire to walk in judgment. He is a friend to me and sticks closer than a brother. You arise and shine on him and he walks in the light of Your glory. Lord, he finds rest and hope in You alone.


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