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5 Types of Difficult Husbands

List of Five Types of Difficult Husbands:
1) Browbeaters: They are verbal and aggressive; using their verbal skills to manipulate, intimidate and criticize their wives. They use their superior verbal skills to cut deep into the hearts of their wives when they lose their tempers. These people are often incensed by men who are aggressive with them or others at work, but they come back home and treat their wives and children the same way they hate to be treated.

2) Abusers: A man who strikes his wife repeatedly is an abuser (if it is once he is a suspected abuser). An abuser could be a verbal one who says repeatedly to his wife things that no man should ever say to a woman. His wife and children are afraid of him when he loses his temper and yells; usually on a regular basis.

3) Neglecters: Are non-verbal and can be passive or aggressive; most times they get what they want without being shy about their open aggression. They may not respond when spoken to, may skip chores or errands promised, and may foot drag. Sometimes they resort to withdrawal or separation from their family as a way of showing their frustration. They are most times shying away from and not willing to deal with things.

4) Whiners: They are verbal and not particularly aggressive (they know how to talk). They complain and gripe about a problem rather than tackle it head on. They want to avoid a problem and at the same time want to talk about it. They are usually negative and unhappy people; may even whine about their wives to their faces. They think everyone is against them: they have a “poor me” disease.

5) Pouters: Pouters are non-verbal whiners; just as negative and passive as whiners, but they don’t talk about it. They have their identity wrapped up in their work, so how they are depends on how their day went at work. They don’t deal constructively with their problems and frustration hence they are often overlooked at the office or on the job because they are non-verbal and passive. They usually see themselves as victims.


2 Responses to “5 Types of Difficult Husbands”

  1. You’re dead wrong…a woman’s verbal skills are far more superior than a man’s. And a man who hits his wife even once IS an abuser. He can and WILL go to jail if he does. The police won’t say, “oh I was just one time”. Just ask the courts.

  2. And where are these weak men who dare to act this way towards their wives? The Christian wives I know will NEVER put up with this crap.

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