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Repairing The Sex Life

Repairing the sex life: The sexual relationship in marriage often reflects the emotional condition of the relationship. The above points perhaps have surfaced some attitudes that you’ve needed to deal with. The below additional steps will help you reconcile with your spouse and move forward in repairing your sexual relationship.

Confession and Forgiveness: This may be a very difficult step for some people. It can seem humiliating, but if you humble yourself and make things right with your spouse, God will honor you accordingly. First, confess to your spouse any unloving attitudes you have harbored toward them and ask for their forgiveness. Next, in prayer, forgive your spouse for anything you have not forgiven them for. Finally, ask for God’s forgiveness for holding on to the above attitudes and ask for his help in exhibiting Godly love for your spouse.

Pray for sexual healing: This is not a complicated prayer, and basically we are asking God to help us sexually reconnect with our spouse in a healthy way. Specifically, we’re asking God to help us re-channel our sexual energy into loving expression for our spouse, teach us how to romance our spouse again, restore our physical attraction for our spouse and cleanse our minds of any contaminants that are pointing us toward unhealthy sex (porn, masturbation, memories, etc.). Here is a suggested daily prayer to address those issues:

“Heavenly Father, thank you for my spouse and the gift of sex. I lift up our sexual relationship to you. I pray that we will enjoy sex to its fullest extent as you have designed it to be in marriage. Father, please help me re-channel my “sexual energy” into pure and loving expressions of affection for my spouse (and not into porn, masturbation, etc.). I surrender any selfishness that I have harbored in my heart as it relates to sex. Please teach me how to romance my spouse and delight in him or her again. Please restore our physical attraction for each other. Help me to see my spouse’s positive qualities and encourage him or her in them. Finally, Lord, please cleanse my mind of the pollutants I have allowed to corrupt our sexual relationship: ________(list as applicable). I apply the blood of Jesus to every thought and every memory associated with those things. By faith, they are washed clean by the blood of Jesus. Thank you, Father! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

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