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My Spouse is in Rebellion Against God

Husbands, suppose your wife has abandoned you and is living in rebellion against God’s structure. Are you no longer in authority? What do you do? You must work on yourself and have the mind of Christ. What does that have to do with your wife, you ask? Your wife is in extreme spiritual danger. She is no longer under your spiritual hedge of protection. She is extremely vulnerable to demonic control. She has opened herself up to demonic attack because she has rebelled against God and His structure. There is a literal spiritual world. This is not a figurative hypothetical realm. You have the authority to come against every force of darkness and pray her home, in the name of Jesus. However, if your own life is not in order, the devil will exploit that. By submitting yourself to God and seeking Him with all of your heart, you can get all of the junk out of your own life and exert your God-given authority over the spirits attacking your wife. That is why it is important to clean yourself up. You cant come against a demonic spirit in your wife if you have given authority to that same spirit in yourself! Does it all make sense now?

Wives, your situation is different. What if your husband abandons you or is doing something else that is in rebellion to God’s structure? What do you do? You must work on yourself and have the mind of Christ. You too need to get the junk out of your life. You need to stop looking at your husband’s failures and pray for his success. Your duty as a wife is to build up your husband whether he is serving Christ or not. If you are a Christian, you must submit to your husband whether he is a Christian or not. You need to win him over with your Christlike behavior. If your husband has left or is doing something immoral, you must fight for him spiritually as well. Submit your marriage to your church and let your pastor be your spiritual authority if your husband is being immoral. Under no circumstances are you to take action against your marriage. That is rebellion against God. You do NOT have the authority to do that. Any separation must be for the ultimate purpose of reconciliation and should then only be done under your pastor’s authority. If you do not follow God’s structure, you will be opening yourself up to demonic attack. Then you have absolutely no protection since your husband has already given authority to the devil.

This is real folks. This isn’t a game. When you rebel, you are destroying your relationship with Christ. When you choose to follow God’s structure, your focus changes from your spouse to God. God will honor that and your spouse will change. But more importantly, you will have changed. When you seek to be closer to the Lord, the result will be a closer relationship with your spouse. Seek God and the rest follows. Stop worrying about the things your spouse does that you don’t like. Seek the mind of Christ!


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  1. I think I’ve read about this somewhere . Did you source this from somewhere else?

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