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The Only Soul Mate is Jesus Christ

***Marriage & Mates~~~ “To all who are in Christ, and to all who are not! First the word [Soul mate], I don’t know how it came about and I don’t care! God said Helper or Help-meet [Mate] ….Your Soul Mate should be God alone! Did He not say that. “He is a jealous God, and to love Him only with all your Soul heart and mind”.

To the Unsaved [World] ”What you see [seek] is what you get, because you will most likely want someone compatible to who and what you are! If you are a bar hopper, pot smoker, drinker, curser, dopehead, liar, club-goer, night person, you will attract some one just like you!! If you are attracted to someone because of their body parts and shape front and back, up and down! You have already set yourself up to fall; you are already dead in the water.

“How to find her or him in Christ! In you’re looking, look for ”Christ like”’ in everything!! Discernment will help a lot if you are in Christ yourself. The eyes are the windows of the soul! What do you see? Christ should be seen in every aspect! In words, looks, attitude, language, and spirit

For Unsaved? Get Saved and find a saved mate. ”’Outside of that, nothing you find will be of God that brings you blessings and happiness. Marriage was set up for Gods people before the fall! Christ came and fixed that to where it should be. Get saved and find your mate and be blessed in all that God had in store for you before the foundation of the world.

Rev. G. P. Stevenson Sr.


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