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Marriage Books/CD/DVD by Joyce Meyer

 Joyce Meyer shares in a very entertaining and often humerous way how to improve your marriage.







Making Marriage Work
Whether newlywed, happily married, in a marriage crisis, or just in a relationship rut, with God at the center it’s never too late to improve your marriage.

Your Price: £15.00

Conflict Free Living
A life at peace is a beautiful thing. This book exposes the destructive nature of conflict and teaches you how to overcome it.
Your Price: £15.00

Marriage – Volume One
The couple who plays and prays together stays together.
Your Price: £17.00

Marriage – Volume Two
Here are five important elements you and your spouse can learn to reach God’s purpose for your marriage.
Your Price: £17.00

Shaping the Lives of Your Children
Want to be the loving, supportive parent to your child that God is to you? This series offers insights to show you how.
Your Price: £17.00

Understanding Your Mate’s Personality
Get tips on how to understand your spouse and enjoy the benefits of being different.
Your Price: £9.00

Exposing Strife
Learn how to radically reduce strife in your work and personal relationships
Your Price: £17.00

Encouragement for Single Parents
If you feel worn down, lonely, exhausted or pressured, discover all that God has provided for you.
Your Price: £9.00

Improving Relationships
Great relationships happen when the basics of love are applied. Learn how to do your part.
Your Price: £17.00

Marriage That Works
What can you do to make your marriage better? Get insight from God’s Word for creating a blissful bond.
Your Price: £20.00

Dealing with Offense
Are you fussy and feisty? These teachings are for everyone who ever wondered “Why am I getting so upset?”
Your Price: £17.00

Religion or Relationship?
If you have trouble accepting God’s love and forgiveness, this series can help you turn “religion” into “relationship.”
Your Price: £17.00

Relevant Christianity
Joyce and T.D. Jakes talk about wrong attitudes, inherited behaviors and what your identity in Christ means for future generations.
Your Price: £17.00

Extreme Personality Makeover
Find out what you need to do to go from broken to beautiful and let your true self shine.
Your Price: £17.00

Testing Your Level of Humility
Being humble will keep you from falling into one of the enemy’s easiest traps.
Your Price: £13.00

From Rules to Relationship
Does God feel more like your boss than your best friend? Learn how to break the barriers that keep you at an uncomfortable distance.
Your Price: £13.00
Dealing with Offense DVD Set
Because taking offense is a trick of the enemy, learn how to equip yourself to recognize and defeat this trap.
Your Price: £39.00

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