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Bishop T.D. Jakes On Secrets of Succesful Marriage

2 Samuel 21:8-11

Women are nurturers by nature. They often struggles with submission, so the Holy Spirit challenges women to submit (Ephesians 5:22). Had Eve been submitted to her husband, she would have referred the serpent in the garden to him, her covering. As the church, the submitted bride of Christ, we are told to submit ourselves unto God, resist the devil and he will flee (see James 4:7). Submission brings strength and a submitted vessel gains power to resist. When the enemy meets with real resistance, he will flee. But we must understand that the battle is not ours; it belongs to the One who cover us!

Within a woman the Holy Spirit establishes a nurturing spirit that will not allow her to push away her young but nurse them and to care for them. Doesn’t it make you angry to see how the enemy always wants to pervert good for evil? You see, Satan cannot create. He has to use what he is already created. He pervert corrupts, and even disrupts, but he cannot create. The wise woman learns his devices. Once you learn what he is trying to do, use your strength for positive purpose. Stop being seduced into using your abilities for what he’s trying to grow.

Nurturing a problems not only strength from you, just as an unborn child can only get food from his mother. The enemy cannot live in a blood-washed, regenerated spirit. The enemy can only thrive in your mind if you let him live off your old memories and fears. He is a leech that depends upon your umbilical cord for survival. Cut that cord and watch your fears. Starve to death.

Like Rizpah, who guarded the bodies of her dead sons until she had gotten the king’s attention and arranged a proper burial for them, you have to be careful not to hang around dead issues and keep company with things that ought to be put to death.

Rizpah was being faithful to her children, but some of you are hanging around issues that don’t belong to you. Recognize those tendencies to walk among the dead as the enemy seeking whom he may devour (see 1 peter 2:8) and don’t let him have you!


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