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Living With Unsaved Mates

Marriage in a Christian’s life should be based on desicion directed by the Holy Spirit.

Many precious people suffer because they are living with unsaved mates. Some did not have Christ when they made their marriage decision, but they have since found the Lord. Those will have God’s grace and love to win their mate for Jesus. The Lord always strives to bring the lost mate to himself through the partner who know Him. Mighty miracle of deliverance and salvation have occurred when people have endured suffering in order to bring their mates to the Lord. Those people who have the light, but choose to marry into darkness by yoking themselves to unsaved mates find that their flesh has led them away from God. The Lord wants to bless marriage unions and see His plan fulfilled in both Mates lives. What a glorious plans He had from the beginning for both male and female. We can trust Him in this important decision. If we will totally commit to do His will we will never be dissapointed in the one He sends into our lives.


One Response to “Living With Unsaved Mates”

  1. This is an excellent finding,two thumbs up for it.. Myself has experienced harship exactly the same as described in this comment..But Praise and Thanks to The Almighty Father in all heavens,because all my prayers and sacrifices are answered..though it takes time,but to GOD nothing is impossible.. If HE finds your heart true in what you’re praying for,He will answer you in His own time..Praise the Father Almighty..

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