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What Is The Right Age To Get Married

This is a million dollar question, for everything there is a time… Ecclesiastes chapter 3 vs. 1 Lack of the understanding of the time can lead to confusion. Many are worried because they don’t know the time. They don’t know if they are already late or too early. Desperation step in when you feel you are too late, anxiety steps in if you feel you are too early. What is now the right time to get married?

Is the right time when a man or a woman comes? Is it when I get a job? Is it when I hear from God? Is it when my family starts putting pressure on me or is it when all my friends start getting married? Is it when I get pregnant out of wed lock? All these are questions going on in the minds of many. That’s why I decided to package this message inspired by God to clear your doubts.

The right age or time to get married is when you are ready. Many people today marry for all sort of reasons save for when they are ready. There is nothing like a marriage consummated in Gods time.

I shall be showing you signs to know when you are ready briefly;
1. When you are ready spiritually; marriage is a spiritual union, it is an institution of God and has Gods word as the foundation. You must be born again, you must be spiritually minded, you must let go of carnal imaginations and characters. You must love God and take His word seriously. You must have a word, prayer and fasting schedule regularly.

2. When you are ready emotionally; you must be ready to love one woman or one man and not falling for distractions from other men/women. You must be ready to tolerate mistakes from people. You must reduce your jealousy tendencies; you must be ready to control your anger. You must be ready to forgive. Finally you must learn how to control your emotion do not let your emotion control you. Anytime you are getting real emotional do not react rather respond. You don’t think to react but to respond you have to think. So when you start responding you are already controlling you emotion.

3. When you are ready financially; when you are ready financially is not when you have a million but when you have learnt how to manage money in general, when you have learnt how to plan, budget, program and invest. When you have learnt how not to waste money and time. When you have learnt how to use your money to serve the Lord. When you have something you are doing that is profitable to God, to you, your family and the society.

4. When you are ready mentally; a man that thinks ahead will always be ahead. When you have started putting your mind to work. When your mind is matured enough. You must be decisive; you must seek ways to develop your mind by reading, thinking/meditating and subscribing to positive imaginations.

Age is not a test or maturity rather it is the state of the mind that decides whether a person is matured or not. Age is only a symbol of maturation.

So in conclusion when you are ready spiritually, emotionally, financially and mentally then you are ready to get married.


2 Responses to “What Is The Right Age To Get Married”

  1. Thanks 4 d tips! May God bless u!

  2. Amen! the secret is to appreciate God’s perfect timing. the danger is to doubt or resent God’s timing.This can lead to despair,rebellion or moving ahead without His advice.

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