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The Three Kinds Of Men You Should Consider Before You Marry

I want to begin by saying that this message is not a warning, it’s not a suggestion or admonition it’s a revelation. Marriage is supposed to be built on the foundation of Love and Understanding. And you know that God is Love. 1st John 4 vs. 8. This is message is essentially a revelation.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. ~ Proverbs 25 vs. 2. Like Solomon will say I got this message by inspiration, wisdom and understanding. There are three kinds of men you should consider before getting married. I am not choosing for you or suggesting to you, I am just letting you know some few things.

These three kinds of men are simply the three seasons of men. That is, men in their morning, afternoon and evening seasons.


1. Men in the morning season; these are men that are just starting life; they just graduated if they went to school or they are the ones that is still trying to find their feet. They are not yet established. They are still looking for jobs or managing something till they get the job of their dreams. They are quick to propose to a lady because a lady means so much to them at this stage. Most of them are still either living with their parents or with a friend; a few of them just rented an apartment scarcely furnished. They are filled with dreams, vision and ambition. They think of the lady in their lives more than themselves or their families. They are loving and caring. They give their time to the lady they are in love with because they have little or no money. As a matter of fact the lady spends more in the relationship. Almost every where they go with their girlfriend they meet with a rival, that is either a richer person asking their lady out or passing advances at her in his presence. They are jealous and protective. They can do anything within their power to keep the girl.

Unfortunately, they are the ones most girls like to marry but since they don’t have the money yet, they are actually seen as people best to hang out with. Most parents wouldn’t advice their daughters to marry them any way.

They are considered men in their morning season because they are very fresh, ambitious, hardworking, simple, humble and God fearing. Every moment you spend with them as a lady is a cool and peaceful moment because they are fun to be with. They will always easily forgive you as a lady if you hurt them.

Marrying them is fun but challenging because you will have to build the family with them, two of you will start from the scratch but he will always respect and value you and your opinion. They are always early to everything because they are still in their morning season. They don’t give you heat like cheating on you or stressing you as a lady. The only thing they appear not to have at this time is money and they will as they keep working hard and seeking God.

2. Men in their afternoon season; these men may give you a lot of heat as it were, they are men that have just found their feet, they are rich, influential and connected. You apologize to them more than they apologize to you for wrong doing. They may show you care in the early stages of their relationship but when married to you, they are not always around. They prefer to spend hours on phone than spend it with you in person. They are extremely busy, traveling here and there. They are so busy that they replace time with money. They don’t see anything as serious until it has gotten out of hand. They make sure you lack nothing but their time. They are not just married to you, they are also married to their jobs and their businesses. They love you so much but don’t have enough time to show it so they use material things to show it. They are prone to flirting and extra marital affairs.

They understand their jobs and businesses more than they understand you , they most times return late, hanging out with friends. You are just too afraid to talk to them because you think you have more to loose.

3. Men in their evening season; these men are not just rich or wealthy but they have also arrived. As the evening season implies, they sleep most of the time. They rest I mean to explain further, they think of their rest more than they think of your rest. When married to these men in their late season, life is always boring because they can hardly please you as the lady in any way. They see you as their daughter more than their wife. These men are not always single, some of them are married with complications, and some of them are divorcee. They honestly don’t consider your opinion. You are more of a companion than a lover.

As controversial as this message may be, the difference is the fear of God. Make sure the man you are getting married to does not only love God but fears God also.

~Pastor Uche


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  1. I am really by your article. It’s really a revelation. I wish to know more about you. Thank U.

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