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So You Are Planning To Marry ~ Steps To Marriage

1. FRIENDSHIP; God has prepared a partner for you and in most cases what he does is organizes connections for you to meet that person. The first step to take is to be friends. Most people miss this stage and start asking out on a date. Leave dating out of it first, just start showing care and kindness as a friend. Listen do not rush things, let it grow. There are so many pre mature marriages. Friendship is for care, kindness and concern. Then it would grow to the relationship stage.

2. RELATIONSHIP; this is a little deeper than the first because commitment starts. You now start dating spending time together, getting to know each other better. Caution. What you do in your relationship is a seed and a pointer to what will bear fruit after marriage. So do not sow bad seeds, avoid sex. The seed most people sow is sex. Sex does not increase love rather it kills it. The love start dying gradually and you might feel that it is growing. The bible says; marriage is honorable wit the bed undefiled. For your family to be honorable your bed must not be defiled during courtship..

3. COURTSHIP; this is a defined state where both parties have agreed to marry , so they have made their intentions known to their parents, it is a period of thorough planning, they learn to understand each other. Courtship is work. You must learn to understand your spouse. Because two of you are different there is bound to be difficulty in understanding, that is why courtship is important. This is also a stage of prayers. Your focus should be your vision personally then that of your family.

No doubt the courtship stage is also a phase of serious temptation. This stage is filled with issues that might want to break it up. But you have to work it out. Do not give up there is a way out of every predicament. The courtship season is not a period of sex or trying to see if the girl can be pregnant. If you have indulged in sex in already. Then you can seek the mercy of God and stop immediately. Both of you must come to an agreement on the issue of sex.

You must believe that pre marital sex is wrong.

I pray that the spirit of understanding should swim into your heart to comprehend that marriage is more of God than you. Your seed is precious, your sperm is important to God. Do not waste it on women. Wait till you find the woman for you then marry her first before you have sex so that your home will be glorious and honoured by God.

I speak mercy to your homes no matter the fault, the love of God covers all sins. You are free from every bondage in Jesus precious name. you can start a new lease of life from today. Knowledge is vital. Because you now know you will make it and shall fulfil your marital destinies. Your generation is blessed in Jesus name. I speak hope to your broken heart. I speak restoration to your life. You are going forward from now.


One Response to “So You Are Planning To Marry ~ Steps To Marriage”

  1. write down the wife/husband you want ——make list and summit to GOD ———–Love is blind ——-Marrige is eye opener
    —-don’t argue.

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