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Sex Is The Bone Of Marriage But Not The Heart Of It

Sex is just 10 percent in the school of marriage. This is however contrary to a lot of people’s thought. They have been made to believe that marriage is all about sex, sex, sex. No wonder they enter marriage and still flirt. They have extra-marital affairs, not because they like it but because they have a wrong understanding of sex in their minds.

Sex is the bone of marriage but not the heart of it. The heart of marriage is in three fold of which sex is not included.

Please hear me SEX is good but it will not truly satisfy you until these three entities are in place. They include, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING AND COMPATIBILITY.

Ask the married, they will tell you the truth if they are sincere, after they got married they finally discovered that there is something else required to keep marriage going. If you ask any man or woman that cheats on his or her spouse, you will also discover that they do so because the sex pattern get a little bit boring so they needed to explore.

In as much as the devil is to be blamed but your mindset carries more blame, do not believe that sex is all that marriage has to offer I will now compare sex with the other three-fold entity of marriage.

In comparison

1. Sex is 10 percent of marriage. Love is 50 percent of marriage. Understanding is 20 percent of marriage. Compatibility is 20 percent of marriage. Love is much more because without love you cannot seek to understand your spouse, without love you can’t enjoy true sex in marriage even till you grow old. Prostitutes do not enjoy sex because they don’t know who they are meeting not to mention understanding and compatibility. Sex is oneness, it’s not a lusty pleasure it’s a
lovely passion. It involves your body spirit and soul. That is why God ordained it only for the married. Compatibility is only possible with understanding which is possible through love. So to marry for sex alone is to marry for a short time if sex was the only point marrying. Divorce results from lack of understanding and compatibility.

2. Sex may attempt to settle and issue in marriage temporarily but understanding settles it permanently. When couples quarrel, they should have sex to prove that they have settled, couples do it a lot. It’s good and wonderful but it is only temporal. Understanding settles it permanently. Seek to understand your spouse for who they are.

3. Sex is good, but sex plus love plus understanding plus compatibility is better, so make your choice.

4. When your spouse sleeps outside for want of sex it is bad, but when she sleeps outside for want of love it is worse. Love your wife.

Finally let us see Gods prescription:
Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. ~Ephesians 5 vs. 25

Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. ~Colossians 3 vs. 18

Husbands love your wife the way Christ loves the church, be prepared to die for her and she will never leave you. She will understand you and submit herself to you.

In conclusion, SEX is not a reason for marriage. Sex is important but it is not the reason. It is the fuel for marriage because it renews the oneness God destined for the husband and wife. Sex is spiritual. It is just 10% of marriage. People that get married because of sex will become bored in a short time. In marriage COMMUNICATION, COMPATIBILITY, UNDERSTANDING, LOVE AND TRUST are even more important than sex. Sex is good but don’t just have only sex; communicate and try to understand.

3 Responses to “Sex Is The Bone Of Marriage But Not The Heart Of It”

  1. Any fool thinks that they can have any kind of happy family life without Jesus will still hit a brick wall rudely.. Hollywood daily shows us the relaityof that now too http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2009/01/02/divorce-and-remarriage-in-the-christian-church/


    The question firstly is not rather what are the main causes of divorces even such as laziness, unrealistic expectations, sexual lusts or lust for more money, materialism.

    A DIVORCE TENDS NOT TO BE A NEW HAPPY START ALL OVER AGAIN EXPERIENCE IN FACT and with no negative personal consequences such as health problems and financial losses now too. Also in a divorce you tend to carry the old baggage and scars still with you. The negative reality also now is that a divorce really does not change anything, it does not turn the clock backwards and merely let you start all over again as foolish, immature politicians, others, ostriches rather, would wrongfully let you to believe.

    Divorce is also still one of the worst possible way to try to get security and happiness. Falsely even now trying to blame the the spouse for all or most of the marital problems is ludicrous still too. There are still even negative emotional traumas, experiences associated with almost all divorces since you still tend to in real life to reap what you have sown, the personal lies and your acts of thefts included now. You do still have to live with the negative consequences of the divorce and your own major unacceptable personal negative contributions to the divorce and the reasons so many people tend to have more than one divorce next too.

    Now if one spouses lies to the other spouse, steals from the other spouse, or is lazy, unrealistic that marriage will end and they can blame the other spouse all you want for the failed marriage but they themrself have made a major contribution by their own bad acts, and Christian or non Christian now as well. It is also amazing how so many spouses can in the courts too see the other spouses supposed sins while they are doing the same thing firstly too.

    Mostly the wrong doings, the bad acts that others, even my own family members have accused me of doing, was mainly, firstly inspired by their own self conciousness of what they themselves were like and they falsely assumed now next that I was like them. It is a known fact even that crooks often do think that everyone else is a crook. The liars, slanderers do also tend to think everyone else lies.. etc.,

    Removing the beam from one’s own eye seems to be an impossible task for too many blind still persons.. It seems that too may critics, preachers especially on the internet , falsely still do believe that preaching the Gospel to others, is an acceptable alternative to them living it now, and they do falsely believe that God overlooks their own sins of the neglect, abuse of others, gossip, slander, cheating, lying, stealing, tax evasions.. Now my son and daughters and my nieces and nephew all do here need to stop their lies, slander too as well as other family members. http://postedat.wordpress.com/ and they do also need to be delivered now from having a demon led controlling spirit.

    In a sadly too common, unacceptable divorce scenario, one of the spouse pictures themselves as the innocent party and the other side is painted as a big bad villain.. in reality AS WE ALL CAN READILY KNOW MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUAL SINNERS FOR A START. Secondly a wife tends not to file for divorce unless she already has hopes of potential future gains, a present cash reserve, the support of her own family for the divorce, and a pre picked potential future sex partner. Divorce also clearly is still not a valid teaching, doctrine of of the Christian church. When you file for divorce it is very likley cause you are a sex maniac or a control freak.. If you are a Control freak you are not only still an unrealistic, immature, immoral person but you may have a serious mental condition …

  3. “Sex Is The Bone Of Marriage”

    ah! I see what you did there! 😉 ha ha! sorry! you know me, I just can’t help it.

    hey poonu, you are back in action after a long pause I see. I’ve noticed you are all over the place, I mean social networks, vlogging, blogs, etc. Damn! you are one busy bee. Hope everything is cool n hale with you, keep rocking, God bless you!

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