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Reasons For Marriage

Everybody knows what marriage is but not everybody knows what marriage should be or intended to be by God.

Marriage is an institution. An institution ordained by God. It is an institution where everyone is a student while God is the vice chancellor. Lack of preparation will always end up in frustration. The reason many marriages is under frustration is because they lack adequate preparation. Some people think that the only preparation you need for marriage is the money preparation. It is not true. They do not see marriage as an institution so they end up in frustration. God was the one who said;

Therefore shall a man leave His mother and father and cleave to His wife; and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2 vs.24, matthew 19 vs.5, mark 10 vs.7. Three different scriptures saying almost the same thing. This further hammers on the importance of marriage. Marriage is not mans design. Without God you will wear it any how.

It is a common saying that without knowing the purpose of a thing abuse is inevitable. Everything has a reason, you would not fully understand the function of a thing until you read the manual. The manual for life is the bible. And in it God spoke expressly about marriage!

1. The first reason for marriage is that it is the foundation for the family; and everyone belongs to a family. The first school any one will find himself is the family school at any level. The family is not possible without marriage, so God instituted marriage. No wonder He said in matthew 19 vs. 4- 5. He made them male and female….for this cause shall a man leave …. and cleave….multiplication and fruitfulness is not possible without marriage. So God used marriage as a seed for the harvest of a fruitful family. Every lasting change must start from the family or else it will become vain. The world will keep on trying until they realize that every lasting change must start from the home and not the government. Proverbs 22 vs. 6 says train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. If every child was trained the Gods way, the way he ought to go according to Gods word. Then there will be no armed robbers, assassins, terrorists, rapists, kidnappers, drug addicts, corrupt leaders. Every thing bad can be avoided from the home. Every one you see today came from a home. I believe that change is coming to your nation.

2. The second reason for marriage is that it is not good for a man to be alone. Genesis 2 vs. 18; at a stage in a mans life it is dangerous to be alone, why? Because a help meet is needed. God took a rib from the first adam and created eve, the first woman. Woman was taken out of man. So a rib was missing in man. That place becomes empty until he gets His wife. Then they become one. So every man needs His wife. The scripture said. For this cause shall a man leave and cleave to His wife. Meaning there is an eve for every adam and an adam for every eve. There is a woman for you and there is a man for you.

3. The third reason for marriage is that for you to truly influential – you need a help meet.

4. The fourth reason is that two will always be better than one; Look at what Ecclesiastes 4 vs. 9 says, two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. If they fall the one will lift up the other.

As you can see SEX is not a reason for marriage. Don’t get me wrong sex is important, it is but it is not the reason. It is the fuel for marriage because it renews the oneness God destined for the husband and wife. Sex is spiritual. It is just 10% of marriage. People that get married because of sex will become bored in a short time. In marriage COMMUNICATION, COMPATIBILITY, UNDERSTANDING, LOVE AND TRUST are even more important than sex. Sex is good but don’t just have only sex, communicate and try to understand.


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