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Most Important Mistakes to Avoid In Marriage

1. The reason we decided to get married:
Let us start from the largest and perhaps the most important mistake: the reason we decided to get married! Unfortunately we marry for all the wrong reasons and that is why almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce. What are the most common reasons that we may get married?

  • Pressure from our environment: The pressures from our environment because we have reached an age close to or more than thirty and we have not yet married.
  • Insecurity: Feelings of insecurity that if we do not get married with the person we are together we will not be able to find another person who wants to marry us.
  • Sudden conditions: A sudden pregnancy, which leaves us with no other options.
  • Sudden love: A sudden love that ends in 6 months after marriage.
  • Immaturity: The immaturity of our self does not help us realize that marriage is a choice for life and takes a lot of thought and a lot of effort in order not to make us unhappy.
  • Wellness: The economic comfort has now become a key criterion when selecting a spouse in today’s society.
  • Non-logical thinking: The young age that can lead to hasty decisions without any logical thinking!

2. Our great mouth:
This is one of the marriage principles that people fail to follow. What happens in most cases is that we open our mouth and say anything that comes in our heads without first applying the “filter of logic” on the spoken words. As a result from our mouth we throw words that wound the other person, words that create sour, disappointment, offensiveness, and words that most often we do not believe… but unfortunately the negative effect they create is hardly forgotten by the other half. Rather this situation creates the first problems in the story of our marriage. The lack of respect towards our spouse is a mistake, which by time makes the two people enemies rather than being in love.

3. Lack of communication:
The failure to actively listen to our spouse is another big problem. People have become very selfish. We tend to do more talking and we have forgotten to listen. We are always correct and the other person is always wrong. We do not do any self-criticism but we tend to continuously criticize our partner. We rarely hear what they are saying to us and even more rarely we do something to change what may have disturbed or wounded them. As a result of this we end up with no speaking but watching television. Neither of the two wants to listen see, or feel.


2 Responses to “Most Important Mistakes to Avoid In Marriage”

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  2. pple shld think before rushing into marriage, pple get married to pple who they are not in love with coz of pressure from society.

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