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The Three Kinds Of Women You Should Consider Before You Marry

Let is look at the three kinds of women you should consider before you marry. This is the mindset of a woman been described in three stages.

1. The flower stage; at this stage a woman is more vulnerable because she gets maximum attention wherever she goes; she is the attraction of every man. She has a stunning beauty that makes even the married desire her. At this stage even though she is not facially so beautiful she is bodily endowed, if she is not bodily endowed she is intellectually blessed. She has something much more than the beauty in the face, body and all. What attracts in her is the flower in her. Everybody is drawn to flowers, everybody is attracted to flowers. So when men start getting crazy over you even though you are not so fine it’s because of the flower in you. You are in the flower stage. In this stage like the flower it is important to carefully handle your body, although you are attractive, you are also vulnerable, you are not strong. Ladies in this stage hardly know what they want, because they love many things. To keep them you must be ready to give them many things. They don’t like heat, because too much heat is not good for a flower. They love so much attention and care and they can hardly stand on their own. They want so much of your time, they like petting, they like good things, hardship affects them, and the flower in them may die if stressed. But with all this good attributes they may not bear fruit because the flower does not bear fruit that we eat. This means they will hardly contribute anything to your life, but they desire everything. They can’t spend a dime for any guy, they are the collect and collect type. Please note that age is not relevant here a lady at 35 can still be in her flower stage because this actually depends on the mindset of the lady.

2. The plant stage; at this stage; I don’t mean age, because age is not relevant here. At this stage the lady although beautiful may not be so attractive. She is beautiful; it takes a real man to love her. She may not be that attractive but her fruits are always attractive. She bears fruits I don’t mean children; any woman can bear a child. She bears fruits, that is she has results, she loves but she loves her work and business also. She gives attention to her man, when she has attended to her business and work, she manages her home in wisdom. She is a strong support. They are domestic and homely. They can adjust to any season, whether the lack season or the plenty season.

3. The tree stage; at this stage, marriage does not impress them; they feel they can do with or without marriage. They are independent, they are wealthy, they are not just strong but they are tough, they are societal, they think they can buy love with money and influence, they are full of themselves, they have achieved so much that they may not need any help from any man. Most of them don’t last in marriage because they know so much and have so much. They are not just fruitful; they could be controlling and dominating too.

All these stages are not depended on age but on mindset, so consider the mindset of a lady before you marry. Is it a mindset of flower, plant or a mindset of the tree or the mindset of Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit can work on the mindset of any woman making her the best to be attractive, desirable and fruitful.
Proverbs chapter 31 vs. 10-31.

~Pastor Uche


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