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Are You His Helper Or His Obstacle

In Genesis 2, after having made all of the animals and given the task to Adam to name them all and keep the garden, God looked down on Adam and saw that he was lonely– he needed a helpmeet.

It was said that God didn’t take Eve out of Adam’s feet so that she would be his slave, nor did He take her out of his head so that he would be hers, but He took her out of his side because she would be his equal.

Women, you were created as equal in the eyes of God, but given a specific purpose– that of being his helper. You see, as you well know, men cannot live life alone. They are not equipped to handle the loneliness it brings and they are not complete without you. You both bring to the relationship something that neither of you can live without. God made it that way.

The question that we’re asking though, is: How are you doing at this? Are you his helper, or are you his obstacle? Do you encourage him onto greater spiritual heights? Do you compliment his strengths and weaknesses?

If I asked your husband for a candid answer, how would he answer? Do your actions prevent him (or your family) from being all that it could be in Christ? How do you react to his attempts at service? What roadblocks are you putting in the way?


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