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God’s Structure For Husbands & Wives

♦Christ is the head of the church.
♦Husbands are subject to Christ.
♦Wives are subject to their husbands.

This is God’s structure. As Christians, Christ has authority over us. Husbands have authority over their wives. With authority comes responsibility. It is important to use this authority wisely. But what does this all mean? Husbands are to submit to Christ. That means that as husbands, we MUST be obedient to Christ and that we are accountable to Christ for all that we do. We are the head of the family. It is our responsibility to submit to Christ’s guidance and not rebel against what He tells us to do. But the Bible says that husbands and wives are to be subject to one another. And this is the one point that many husbands don’t get. Somehow this point gets lost. Husband’s, it is not your way or the highway. You and your wife are ONE and if you are not considerate of her, you are in rebellion to Christ! You are responsible for weighing each decision carefully and making the decision that best suits the family unit. You must always make the best decision regardless of whose idea it is. It is my suggestion that if a decision is equal between your idea and your spouses, that you choose your spouses idea. I’m not suggesting that you do everything your wife’s way regardless of the benefit. That is the spirit of Ahab and it is also dangerous to a marriage. If your idea is more beneficial, then be man enough to choose your own idea and explain why.

Wives, do not rebel against your husband. If you do, you are in rebellion against Christ. This is the spirit of Jezebel. This spirit is extremely destructive. Not only is it destructive to the marriage, but it is destructive to the wife specifically. The Jezebel spirit loves to inhabit the female reproductive organs. A person with the spirit of Jezebel often is sterile. The spirit of Jezebel causes extreme lower abdominal pain. When this spirit is cast out, the pain disappears. This is not a medical problem but a spiritual problem. This spirit cannot be cast out until the rebellion against the husband stops and is repented for. The legal authority must stripped away from the demonic spirit. This spirit can enter in childhood when a victim of abuse rebels against their abuser. You can learn more about the spirit of Jezebel by reading Spiritual Warfare by Richard Ing.

Wives, God set up the hedge of protection under your husband for your protection. This is God’s structure. When you rebel against your husband, you are allowing Satan the authority to work in you. Yes, the demon of rebellion will be given authority to enter you. You do not answer to God for your family. Your husband does. He will be judged for his decision. If it is the wrong one, he takes the blame, not you. If you disagree with him, let him know why and respectfully request that he reconsider. God demands that you support and not rebel against your husband. Accept his final decision and let him know that you love him and stand by him. There is nothing more loving that a wife can do than to stand by her husband no matter if she agrees with him or not.


4 Responses to “God’s Structure For Husbands & Wives”

  1. Again a load of crap, any woman who listens to this is an idiot. What about the man who has the spirit of rebellion against his wife? That is a demonic spirit as well. Men will say and use any pathetic reason to get their way. That’s why most religious men are not respected.

  2. NO husband has “authority” over their wife. Stop putting words in the Bible. His job is to LOVE her and not like a parent to a child. He does NOT have the final say. Sometimes there is not right or wrong way to do things and this is where spritual maturity and selflessness comes in to play. A husband DOES NOT get the final vote in a marriage. If the two can’t decide then they should wait until they are in agreement. If one person is always the tie breaker at an impasse he/she is on the path to destroying their marraige. Guaranteed. Just look at the high divorce rate, esp. amongst Chirstians (termed loosely) whose advise obviously doesn’t work. It’s common sense.

  3. Both husband/wife should follow Christ. The Lord does not stop speaking to women once they are married in case you didn’t know.

  4. A wife needs to do what “God” is directing her as a wife – not her husband and likewise with the husband. And they certainly need not listen to what the world is telling them. Every marriage will look different. No where in the Bible does is give the man the final word. Rather it is the Lord gets the final word.

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