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Marriage One Liners

♥ WARNING to MAtuRe Christians: Regular Good SEX Create REAL-INTIMACY for SPOUSES and Fortify them AGAINST ADULTERY.
Pastor-Moses Kpohraror

♥ Have you been praying for soul mate for a long time now and it seems God ain’t gonna answer you; and you are confused? When it’s God’s WILL, it will HAPPEN in God’s own time; but if it’s not, God has SOMETHING BETTER for you. This, to me, is very TRUE…! So long as you’re God’s own, His THOUGHTS towards you remain of PEACE; to give you a FUTURE and a HOPE. It’s so REWARDing and so, so Sweet to WAIT on God; He NEVER FAILS TO SHOW UP…Just BELIEVE and Wait!
Pastor Nick Vujicic

♥ All you Singles!! LAY a Godly FOUNDATION for your MARRIAGE; and to see you married TEAM-UP PERFECTLY and KEEP THE DEVIL CLEARLY and CLEANLY OUT OF YOUR HOME…!!

♥ When a MAN expresses LOVE to his wife, she feels respected; and, when the WIFE RESPECTS her husband, he fees loved…!

♥ Never under-estimate what anything or anyone can GROW to BECOME, including that FRESH RELATIONSHIP!!!

♥ BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR MARRIAGE, “The LORD’s holy institution which He loves”; and PROTECT it at all costs!!!

♥ Hasty DECISIONS and ACTIONS taken in DESPERATION bring failure; therefore, let us be Calm, Think, Pray and Wait for God!

♥ SINGLE LADIES, may God POSITION you for marital BREAKTHROUGH shortly, in the name of Jesus! AMEN!!

♥ The REAL BEAUTY of any man is in GATHERing, PROTECTing and CARing for his wife and children like a mother-hen!

♥ Brothers, our TRUE SISTERs are WAITING ON THE LORD for you; PRESS the MARRIAGE BUTTON rather than burn with passion…!
Pastor-Moses Kpohraror

♥ Listen, all you Divorced people! Your Spouse may ABADON you, yet you’re NOT ALONE; for Jesus is with YOU. Time comes when you shall be a FOCAL-POINT FOR CHRIST.


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