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Is Your Spouse Driving You Crazy

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4 Responses to “Is Your Spouse Driving You Crazy”

  1. I pray that anyone that has a spouse is on Singles daily.


  3. why should people with a spouse be on singles daily, it can lead to committing adultery, which is a sin, pls any1 with a spouse remove urself, or i will remove you

  4. I absolutely agree with you Zoe. It defeats the whole purpose of singles ministering to singles. Those who are married should start or find a group for married couples only because they would be able to relate better to each other. It simpy doesn’nt make sense that there is a group for singles but married couples can join.

    For example, someone in this group posted, “Is your spouse driving you crazy?” and my response was, “No, he doesn’t exist.” I do not visit this group often because I feel it doesn’t really relate to me in catering to my needs…

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