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Man’s Left Brain Logic & Woman’s Right Brain Caring

See how a man’s left brain logic and a woman’s right brain caring can affect your relationship.

In 1981 Dr. Roger Sperry won the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology for his study on how the brain works in male and female babies. Dr. Sperry discovered that between the 16th and 26th week of gestation male babies have a chemical reaction in their brain that female babies do not have. Two chemicals are released that slow down the development of the right side of the brain, the caring side. This confirms what most women already knew. That your man was born with brain damage. Seriously this left brain right brain feature can affect every part of your relationship.

For example, A woman can be talking to her mother on the phone for an hour and can later give you a word for word description of the whole conversation. A man on the other and in the same situation when asked what did his mother say on the phone he would say “she’s fine.” He summed up one whole hour dialog to just two words. It not that he does not care, it is just that his brain works differently. His left brain logic simplifies a subject to a short concise point while the woman with her right brain caring can easily remember long lists of events because of the emotion she attaches to them.

Another good example is ask a husband about his honeymoon and he will be able to tell you he took one. Ask the wife and she will describe every aspect of it from where they went, what they ate, what music was playing, or what the temperature was outside that night. The worst thing for a man is when a woman asks him “do you remember when” and he cannot remember if it ever happened.

If you are having problems in your relationship one thing you must realize is that neither a woman’s right brain emotion nor a man’s left brain logic alone is going to solve any troubles you may be having.


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