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In Marriage ~ Don’t Follow Your Heart, Lead Your Heart

The standard of a firefighter is to never leave your partner behind. Keep your marriage out of the fire and refuse to leave your spouse and teammate behind!

To help fireproof your marriage, I would strongly recommend that you and your spouse watch the movie Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron.

Fireproof is for EVERY married couple, anyone thinking of getting married, or anyone who is separated or even already divorced but wants reconciliation with their ex-spouse.

It is a high quality, intensely moving, powerfully inspiring, genuinely realistic, and thrilling story. It may very well be a needed eye-opener to help you strengthen and enjoy marriage.

One line that I love from the movie is, “Don’t follow your heart, lead your heart.”

Your heart can be very deceptive. Sometimes we have to tell our heart to go in the right direction because it just wants to go down an enticing rabbit trail and get caught in a trap.

Get Redirected:
During the tough years and every other challenging year and moment in your marriage, never threw around the word “divorce”. Even at times when you don’t necessarily enjoy marriage, you know it was important to not forsake each other.

There were countless times when you and your husband withdrew from each other. But, you must learn to draw close to Jesus. When you draw close to Him, He will redirect you back to each other.

Marriage is called a covenant for a reason. God ordained it, you entered into it, and it is never meant to be broken. Even though there were biblical allowances for divorce, God still loathes it and desires to be called upon to move in your hearts and lives to bring restoration to your [broken] marriage.

Jesus showed me how to forgive even though it was the last thing I wanted to do. He gave us the grace and unconditional love to continually make effort to accept each other. He brought change in us so that we could enjoy marriage and each other. He can help change you, too, so you can fireproof your marriage.

I allowed Him to begin healing me everywhere I hurt. Only Jesus has the power and will to change your heart and put you in right-standing with God. Exchange your old heart for a new one.

When Hope’s Spring Dries Up:
They say that hope springs eternal. But what about when hope’s spring dries up? How do you fireproof your marriage when there’s no constant flow of life-giving water that’s strong enough to prevent or douse the fire?

One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how “over” you think your marriage is, there’s hope. Your heart and mind may be screaming, “I want out!”

That can change. Feelings are fickle. Don’t make decisions based on them. Instead, make decisions that will change your feelings.

It’s interesting how strong our feelings can be. One moment we can’t imagine even touching or looking at our spouse again and when our emotions calm down, we look back and think how silly and exaggerated we behaved and thought.

Many people continue in that cycle over and over until the bad thoughts and feelings win and they quit on the marriage.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been too sick and tired to go on, but I did, anyway. I can’t count the times I’ve “felt” like our marriage, and I, wouldn’t recover from the inflicted heartache and disappointment, but I didn’t give up. We pressed on and our commitment, love, and compassion for each other grew every time.


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