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How To Wake Up Your Dead Marriage

If there is anything in you that wants to save your wounded marriage, you can. It is possible for you to enjoy marriage. How do I know?

First, with God, NOTHING is impossible. If you put your marriage in His hands and let Him have his turn at it, you’ll be amazed at what He can do. Second, it is God’s will that you enjoy marriage.

Ask your spouse to agree with you to agree with God. Be comforted and assured that God doesn’t require eloquence from you. Just your child-like faith that He loves you and will meet your needs.

We have to stop seeing ourselves as the “good one”. After a lot of bitterness in a relationship, you may begin to see your spouse as an in-human mass of all the things you don’t like about them and ways you don’t trust them.

As you focus on those things, they stop being a real, valuable person to you and they become an enemy. Your heart becomes cold and you reject the other person and you no longer treat them with love.

Instead, your automated responses aim to discredit, disrespect, and defeat them. This is, I believe, a typical behavior that damages marriages.

Change the way you respond to your spouse. Yes, it goes against every fiber of your angry, retaliating human nature. But, your positive behavior and humility will be contagious and encourage cooperation.

The good news is that every cold heart can be warmed up!

Sometimes we have to wait on and pray for a long time for our spouse who doesn’t seem to care or understand. Hang in there and pursue God’s peace and strength to fireproof your marriage.


One Response to “How To Wake Up Your Dead Marriage”

  1. requires a lot of patience and humiliation

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