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Christian Marriage Tips

Marriage goes through stages and milestones. You must dig in and clear out the junk in your life and relationships to make them the best they can be. A person’s ability and willingness to learn, grow, change, accept, and persevere is what will help a person to succeed in marriage and other areas of life. There’s a lot more to a successful marriage than being in love. Find out how we you make it through the challenges of marriage!

Communication In Marriage:
How often do you hear of the importance of communication in marriage? You must learn how to communicate and actually doing it can be quite challenging.

You have to create an atmosphere that promotes communication in marriage, then put forth the effort. It can be more fun that it seems. Communication, honesty and safety fills your marriage with passion!

Honesty In Marriage:
Honesty in marriage, like communication, is essential for a safe, secure and intimate relationship. Hold each other accountable and choose to remain open and truthful.

Deception (and every other sin) thrives while hidden in the dark. Bring issues out of hiding and into the light. Honesty in marriage is a key to a successful marriage.

Stay Humble & Forgiving In Marriage:
Stay humble and forgiving. Don’t give up on your dream to enjoy marriage. I am a living witness to the faithfulness and power of God to anyone who is willing to listen and obey His words.

Being domineering, selfish, angry, unforgiving, or lazy hurts your marriage. These behaviors and choices are not going to get you what you really want. The opposites are.

Humility, taking responsibility for your behavior, being ready to serve, being a peace-maker, giving grace instead of condemnation… encouragement instead of ridicule, being respectful and a good listener are what will lead you down the right path to be have a safe, successful, and passionate marriage.


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