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What Every Woman Wants in a Man


What Every Woman Wants in a Man is an audiobook by John Hagee and Diana Hagee.

Good communication is essential in a good marriage.

In this unique book, best-selling author and pastor John Hagee and his wife, Diana, present a husband’s and wife’s point of view on communicating more effectively.

Designed as two books in one, John’s What Every Man Wants in a Woman and Diana’s What Every Woman Wants in a Man will bless couples married for years, young and newly married couples, and even singles, who are seeking to gain a better understanding of their partner or improve their marriage in some way.

Written in a easy-to-read conversational style, this book, which features anecdotes and jokes, as well as the latest statistics on marriages, will appeal to both men and women equally.

“Remember this: your marriage can be a better marriage, or it can be a bitter marriage. The choice is entirely up to you. Do not allow your past to control your future. You will never conquer, or change, what you refuse to confront.” – John Hagee

“What women want in a man may not be what God wants them to have. What women want in a man is not as easily received as we may think. We have much to do with what we want from others.” – Diana Hagee


Three Audio Cassette Tapes.

Three part series includes:
• How to Raise Your Marriage from the Dead,
• Sex in Marriage, and
• Communication in Marriage.

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Marriage Matters [Audio Cassette]

This comprehensive guide to marriage is an indispensible resource for every couple. A series for those who are married or want to be married. It examines the God-given differences between men and women and addresses many common myths about marriage. You’ll find answers to your quetions and Godly solutions to your problems. You and your spouse will be inspired to rediscover the love, excitement and enjoyment that God intended for your marriage. In this three part series – How to Raise Your Marriage from the Deas, Sex in Marrige and Communication in Marriage you’ll learn valuable information such as: raising children as a team developing intimacy handling crisis celebrating differences expressing your love This is on series every couple should have in their home.

Sermons On Marriage ❃John Hagee❃


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