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Marriage, Money And Miracles

Three M’s of the Bible The Three M’s of the Bible are marriage, money and miracles. This series is a much needed teaching from the Word of God for the Body of Christ. The state of crisis in which we are living puts great pressure on marriages, money and most are in need of miracles. When a spouse loses their job, plans are canceled, dreams are abandoned and pressures begin to mount. Jesus used financial teachings to attract the attention of His audience. He said on one occasion, “The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field.” Immediately every ear was listening because all men are interested in their finances. In these times of global economic uncertainty, it’s good to know how to qualify for God’s unlimited abundance and provision. Pastor Hagee also explains what God requires for miracles to happen. Miracles are not mysterious; they are the supernatural consequence of meeting God’s conditions. This series will change how you view your marriage, money and God’s miracles!

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Three M’s of the Bible
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Marriage By: Pastor John Hagee


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