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Major Reasons For Divorce

Reasons For Problems in Marriage:
1. Dissatisfaction, insatiation, irritation and hurt, and establishing of such negative attributes in marital relationship.

2. Improper communication, misunderstanding and allowing the accumulation, or suppression, of resentments.

3. Disrespect for the other’s individuality, disregard for the other’s values and too much possessiveness.

4. One’s hurting-egoism, selfishness over common-interest, and domination over the other’s individuality.

5. Ignorance of difference in natural attitudes and approaches between the two genders.

6. Ignorance, or not caring, of the other’s primary needs of love.

7. Incompatible, or uncompromised, differences in perceptions, preferences and approaches, and widely differing value systems.

8. Nurturing the other in his own way; serving the other in his own point of view of the other; and expecting the other in his own point of view and values.

9. The unwarranted intervention, or disregard, during the other’s natural psychological reactions, unique to the gender.

10. Lack of expected role-play; and the difference between the expectations on account of one’s personal values and the reality.

Reasons For Conflict in Marriage:
1. Attack on identity.
2. Lack of satisfaction, or satiation.
3. Misunderstanding and communication gap.
4. Vicious Circle: – Disagreement, or misunderstanding, leads to feeling attacked and finally this leads to counter-attack.
5. Lack of understanding and support during one’s emotions: rubbing the spouse with negative attitude during the mood.
6. Non-performance of duties and non-fulfillment of responsibilities: instead of accepting mistake defending the mistake.
7. Different perceptions on priorities and lack of handling the issue jointly.
8. Lack of uncritical humour, fun and frolic in their privacy.
9. Arguments: – Arguments usually occur on account of (1) vague statements; (2) Request in a negative way; (3) not listening or not trying to understand; (4) giving importance to ego than mutuality, or common interest.
10. Adhering to instigating attitudes.

Reasons For Crisis in Marriage:
1. Tension on account of lack of trust, or faith.

2. Misunderstanding the meaning in communication of the partner due to ignorance of the natural difference in the other gender’s communicational approach.

3. Stress, rigidity and suspicion.

4. Wife doesn’t like her man to be: – untrusting, condemning, uncaring, too much dependent on her, irresponsible, insensitive, impulsive, unkind, thoughtless, unloving, too offending, critical, and rejecting.

5. Husband doesn’t like his woman to be: – lazy around the house, unattractive, sexually cold, emotionally serious, noisy, sneaky, overtly critical, quarrelsome, bad mother, inflexible, too independent and bold, disrespected nagging, negative to his relatives, too dominating and too emotional.

6. Clash between their personal values.

7. Lack of adjustment, flexibility, and adaptability in the interest of marriage, or family.

8. Expectation of (one sided parental) affection instead of (mutual) love in marriage.

9. Non-adhering to socio-marital values.

10.Criticizing coercing, coaxing, evaluating, masking, blaming, and accusing are the psychological axe, which hurt the feelings.

Take Heed To Your Sinking Marriage ❃John Hagee❃


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