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Sex Before Marriage

I often times find myself wondering why so many people keep ending up with people that don’t suit them. In all my observations, I have noticed one thing that too often leads people to settle for someone wrong for them: Some people get married for no other reason than to justify the sexual relationship they’re involved in. They feel so much pressure from the church, from their families, from whomever, that they end up marrying a monster. They feel that getting married will justify what’s been going on, and everything will be fine, regardless of whether or not that other person truly suits them outside the bedroom.

So many people have never learned how to date without sex, how to have a courtship that does not get physical. It’s pretty simple to figure out why people have this problem: everything in our society promotes physical relationships. Everything on TV, and in the media promotes sex. People have sex before holding hands, before they dance, and in fact, dancing is practically sex now.


Marriage Retreat


That’s why so many people come into church, and get saved, and seriously want to serve God, but they feel the pressure and the weight to justify what they’re doing in their relationships. They feel the only way to justify what they do physically is to get married, because the church tells them it’s all right to have a sex as long as it is within the marriage covenant. But you still have to make sure that relationship is suitable for you. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and marrying simply to validate a sexual relationship will only cause more relationship problems further down the road.


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