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Husband as Leader, Husband as…Servant?

Two Ways to Become a Servant In Your Marriage

1. Make A Commitment. The first way to become a servant is to make a commitment to serve your spouse. In I Peter 3:7 it says, “You husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect …” A great way to show consideration is to serve someone. Serving our mate needs to be a decision that we make every day. I encourage you to wake up each morning and think of several ways to honor your mate by serving him unconditionally. Imagine how different marriages could be if couples tried to out serve one another each day.

2. Personalize Your Service. Since each person interprets “service” differently, I encourage you to discover your mate’s unique definition. Asking questions like, “How could I make you feel like a priceless treasure today?” or “How can I help out around the house?” should help you decide how to best serve your spouse.

If your desire is to have a significant impact upon your marital relationship, I encourage you to make service a daily occurrence. As this happens, you can become the type of person Christ spoke so highly of, “But greatest among you shall be your servant!”

Greg Smalley

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