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Do You Have A Vision?

What is it that draws you out of bed in the morning? Is there anything in your life that excites you? Is there anything that you are aiming toward and trying to reach? Do you have a VISION of where you are heading?

If you have no vision or dream ~ something to aim toward, then you will wander aimlessly. Very rarely does anyone “stumble” on anything great, unless they were at least moving in that direction.

If you have ever taken a self-defense class, you have probably heard that when you are walking down the street you should be alert enough to know who is around you, but you focus straight ahead and walk like you have a purpose. Walk like people are waiting for you and if you don’t show up then they will look for you. Walk like you aren’t going to be distracted or slowed, and anyone trying to stop you would be wasting their time. A thief or mugger wouldn’t want to waste their time with you either. If you are wandering aimlessly and without purpose, you are a prime target for a thief.

This is also true of everyday life. You need a purpose – a vision to focus on and aim toward. If you don’t have one, then the thief will come and steal your time, your days and eventually even your destiny.

Get a vision – ask God what His vision is for you. Then set your focus on it and keep moving. Some days you may move faster than others, but if you are aimed in the right direction and moving consistently, then you will continue to get closer to it. You must continually get closer to it in order to eventually reach it.

How many people will you take along with you as you reach your vision?

Set your sights on those around you who also need a vision toward their destiny. Is their only destiny at this point just reaching hell at the end of their life? Ask God to show you those that need Him, and how to help them get aimed at the destiny He chooses for them. There is no greater excitement or reason to get up in the morning than to see what God will do with you today.

Would you rather perish or be happy? Get a vision you can live with, set your focus on the steps that the Lord will show you, and take those around you along!

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. (Proverbs 29:18)


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