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Single Mothers {Raising Your Child Alone}

No matter how inadequate you may feel as a single parent, no matter how many doubts you have about the future of your children, the Bible offers hope. Make your home one that draws on the Bible for decisions in life. Develop a plan for introducing your children to Christ and helping them mature in their faith. Make the Bible and Jesus Christ central to their lives. Help them get to know Him and learn how to make godly choices.

Where children of single parents differ from children whose parents reside in the same home is in what they experience because of divorce, desertion, or the death of a parent. These children experience great pain and confusion. Not only is their loss relational, but it often involves financial, social, and educational setbacks as well. Their security is shaken, and often they do not know who they can trust—even their relationship with God can be affected.

Please follow the blog of Raising Godly Children. This blog will help Godly Parents in their pursuit to train their children up in God’s Word.

Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
Format: Leader’s guide & 5 DVDs
Ages: 18 & up
Publisher: Answers in Genesis–US
Published: 2010



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