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Marriage In The Chaos

The key to enjoying each other and your marriage comes down to this one principle.

Just stop causing pain and only give each other pleasure.

Why doesn’t everyone do it? Why more people aren’t applying this principle, coz they are simply not aware of this principle. There’s so much written on the subject of relationships, that everything is made to sound so complicated. This is a basic problem of human nature.

God has made man straight, but he creates many complications. Life is simpler than we think. We just make it much harder than it needs to be.

Another aspect of human nature is that people generally don’t like pain. Yet, when it comes to building a strong marriage, one has to be ready to accept much pain. This requires a conscious effort and much work. People often say that you have to work at marriage. But most people don’t really know what that means.

Marriage is a great reality test. To be successful, you have to want to be a giver rather than a taker. A giver is someone who is committed to minimizing causing others pain and maximizing giving others pleasure. Are you a giver?

If you want to find out really quickly, try to be a giver for one week and see how you do.


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