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How to Prepare For A Baby

Most married couples are more than happy after finding out that they are pregnant. Bringing a new person into the world that is made out of love for each other is a wonderful thing but, what most couple fail to do is to prepare their marriage for the newborn. This is because lots of marriages take on a different turn as the baby needs lots of care and pampering which can lead to the husband getting jealous as the wife gives the baby lots of attention. More so, financial constraints can come up due to the fact that baby clothes, food and treatment cost a lot of money not forgetting your own financial needs as a couple. Hence, in order to prepare for a baby and to survive as a couple, you need to follow these tips to smoothen your transition from a couple to a family:

•Start Saving: You should put aside at-least your 3 months’ income for just the baby so that you are able to buy it clothes, baby feeds and treat it when she or he is sick without touching your other savings. This will prevent you having disagreements on what to buy and what not to buy for the baby because all your life savings are going on just for the baby. Many couples do not take the money issue seriously until they have to fore go certain things like taking each other out in order to buy baby feeds or diapers which is important to keep the romance in marriage strong as well as the marriage itself.

Accept The Difference Between The Two Of You: Women find it easy to naturally get into the great mommy role in comparison to men. They will start buying the clothes, thinking of names for the baby, which pre-schools to register for. This can get them upset with their husbands because they do not show the same obsession over the baby. You need to realize as a woman that your husband doesn’t have the mommy chip that makes women think about kids 24/7 but, he will love the baby as much as you do but in a different way. Thus, cut him some slack.

•Keep In Mind That Whatever Effort Is Good Enough: This is a great tip to keep in mind as you prepare for a baby as wives tend to hold their husbands to high standards in that men complain that whatever they do is never satisfactory to their wives. As a wife, you should appreciate all the effort you man puts in to help you out with caring for the baby. Just remember that there is nothing like a perfect parent in this world as everybody is human. Hence, you cannot be expected to do everything right as a first time parent and the same goes to your partner. You will learn together from the mistakes you made so be there for each other instead of pointing fingers at each other when one makes a mistake.

•Share The Responsibilities: Taking care of the baby requires a lot of things like bathing it, feeding it and calming him/her when she is upset. Many men do not understand the work required to look after the child in that they leave most of it to their wives which can lead to quarrels about the husband not caring enough about the wife and kid. In order to prevent disagreements over this, you should teach your husband how to bottle feed the baby if you are not around, change the diapers and cuddle the baby to sleep so that you take turns to do these things. You will be able to get closer as you look after the baby together and also avoid overstraining one partner. Also, as a husband you learn should to volunteer to baby sit or change diapers without first waiting to be told everything by your wife. This will earn your more respect from your wife and strengthen your love for each other.

•Keep Your Bedroom Life Alive: It’s natural that your bedroom activity will decrease after having a baby as you are either very busy with the baby or too tired after a day of looking after the baby. However, you should not let the sex life degenerate to being non-existent. Sex is an important factor in holding a marriage together and the lack of it can reduce your relationship to a domestic partnership. Talk about this bedroom activity drought so that you can think of a way to remedy the problem. You could try seducing each other to get in the mood of sex or even if it’s possible, you can take time away from the baby when it’s a bit older so that you go on vacation to enjoy quality time together without worrying about the baby crying. You can leave the baby with one of your parents to look after the baby and just call to find out how the baby is fairing. This doesn’t mean that you should call from time to time as all the essence of going away will be undermined.

For sure, the two of you will be great parents and with the help of the above tips to prepare for a baby, you will even be greater parents. Do keep in mind that having a happy and strong marriage is another way of ensuring that your kids will be looked after properly as expected of parents


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  2. I feel like I’m often looking for interesting things to read about a variety of topics, but I manage to include your site among my reads every day because you have honest entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more amazing material coming!

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