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Why Are Some Women Dominant In Marriage?

There are some marriages wherein one notices the lady being very dominant and the husband being very quiet and submissive. Many even ridicule such a man calling him names like” Sissy” and “ Coward”.

It is always assumed that a Man should be the dominant one, whose decision is last and final, with the woman being the submissive one. A change in this pattern is not accepted in the society and is often ridiculed.

Well, however many don’t try and find out why a woman ends up being so dominant in a marriage.

According to researchers and various studies, a woman ends up being dominant when she faces a lot of negativity in childhood for being a girl child. When being neglected her rights and expectations just because she is a girl child, she burns up with lot of anger and resentment inside swearing to herself that she will not take it any more when she is an adult. This is one reason why women end up showing so much of dominance in a marriage.

Also, when girl children are always being projected as weak and docile, some girls try to resist and reject this notion by being dominant and showing the world that they are capable of taking decisions. This is another reason why women are so dominant.

Also, women tend to become dominant when their husbands fail to make decisions for the family. It is then that a woman takes charge and tries to run the family.

Before making fun or ridiculing a dominant woman, try and find out the reason, and then come to a conclusion.

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2 Responses to “Why Are Some Women Dominant In Marriage?”

  1. We have become a stupid and demonic selfish materialistic society. No one is better than anyone else as long as respect is there.

  2. Piece of writing is also a excitement, if you be familiar with afterward you can write or else it is difficult to write.

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