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Nasty Habits In A Relationship!

Here are some of the top annoying, uncouth, disgusting, nasty, and irritating behaviors that can grow into monumental issues in your marriage!
Do you leave the cap off the toothpaste?
Do you leave used tissues about?
Do you never pick up after yourself, say chip bags and pop cans?
Do you want to wake up on fire?

Bad Hygiene Habits
•Leaving wet towels on the floor.
•Lack of personal hygiene.
•Picking your nose.
•Using a fork as a back-scratcher.
•Refusing to replace an empty toilet tissue roll.
•Not picking up after yourself and acting like a slob.

Nasty Public Habits
•Exaggerating your stories at parties.
•Calling your partner by a baby name in public.
•Laughing at your own jokes that others don’t see as funny.
•Putting your feet on the furniture.
•Being drunk.
•Laughing shrilly.
•Taking forever to get to the point in a conversation.
•Making embarrassing, humiliating, or degrading remarks about your spouse in public.
•Responding in baby talk.
•Criticizing your spouse in public.
•Borrowing in excess.
•Engaging in childish bickering in public.
•Flirting with other people of the opposite sex.

Annoying Relationship Habits
•Asking your spouse to tell you how you look.
•Making negative comments about what your spouse is wearing.
•Messing up the car radio stations, or the settings on your home theater set up.
•Packing too many items on a trip.
•Having an inability to read a map correctly.
•Taking too long to get ready to leave the house.
•Boring your spouse by spending too much time shopping.
•Reading emails while talking to your spouse.
•Being possessive.
•Spending too much time on the computer.
•Being bossy.
•Spending too much money.
•Using sex as a tool of manipulation.
•Showing fear when watching a horror film, especially by the guy in the relationship.

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  1. Good note. I posted it on my facebook pages ‘Sunwhisp’s Christian Marriage Corner and Sunwhisp’s Christian Singles Corner and on my Profile page. Using this as an example of what is on my Sunwhisp pages. Thank you, Margene/Sunwhisp ♥ Good Job!

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