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Husbands, Learn to Inspire Your Spouse!

It is an interesting balancing act to be the ‘man of the house’. In fact, men, we shouldn’t be so quick to shout that role from the rooftops. Whenever a man takes his stance as “head of the house,” what he has said in effect is, “I am responsible if this thing is a failure or success.” Just like any leader, it takes special skill to get people to believe in you and actually follow you. If you are a leader with no followers you are doing nothing more than taking a walk. You have to get buy in from your team.

Recently while listening to our marriage mentors, he said something that struck a chord with me regarding leading by inspiration. This is what he said:

Men, you must learn how to INSPIRE your spouse. You think you are the head of your house by dictating? You have to learn how to inspire! You can’t spend your life critiquing your wife every time you see her doing something. Sometimes you don’t have the credibility in their lives for them to even hear you! You have to earn the right to speak into your wife’s life and heart. And you have to develop the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit to know if it’s even the right time to say something. Remember there is a time for every thing. With each unwise word to your spouse you lose an inch of credibility. When you attempt to dominate rather than inspire you become too much parent in their lives. Your loving, caring and consistent dedication is what earns you that credibility. At times if you haven’t earned this credibility, your wife doesn’t even know if what you are speaking to her is from unselfish motives or not.”

This spoke volumes to me. I took that as a moment to look inward to see if I have tried to lead my family by dominating or by inspiring. Second I had to step back to see what level of credibility I had with my wife. And last, I had to make a note to see if I am ever leading or speaking to my wife from unselfish motives. Am I truly leading in the best interest of our household. Men, I suggest you look at yourselves as well.

What are your thoughts on leading by inspiration above domination?


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