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How To Make Your Spouse Feel Loved?

In order to make your spouse feel loved and wanted it is extremely important for the person to feel loved and wanted. Most of the times we tend to overrule this factor and tend to take our spouse for granted. The same person whose every word meant the world to you while dating, after a few years of marriage settles down to nothing but a means of communication to carry on day to day living.

In order to make your spouse loved and wanted here are some points that you can keep in mind and practice.

1) Listen,” Without Interruption”:
We all Listen, but how many of us actually listen without any interruption. Positive affirmations with an “hmm”, “okay”, nodding the head etc is a positive sign of communication and assures the person that you are listening to them. Do not interrupt the person when he/she is talking.

2) Keep Aside Your Things:
Your spouse may interrupt you when you are the least interested and are caught up in something important. Well, you may be tempted to put them off but do try and listen to them, remember the days you dated him/her and what all you would do just to hear their voice.

3) Look At Them:
When your spouse is talking, make sure you look at him/her. Do not look at something else and tell them you are listening to them, as that is not the most convenient thing to do. Make it a point to look at them whenever they are talking.

4) Do Not Forget Your Manners:
Another way to make your spouse feel special is to be polite to them, telling them “Thank You”, “Excuse Me”, “Please” etc at the appropriate times.

5) Respect Your Spouses Opinion:
Your spouse’s opinion is no less important than your own. Give the same weight and attention to what she has to say as you expect her to give to your opinion. And really listen.

6) Don’t Argue That The Sky is Green:
At some point in competing discussions we can sometimes recognize that we are wrong. Just admit it. Why are you arguing a point for the sake of winning? Admitting you are wrong will build your credibility.

7) Be (consistently) The Change You Want To See. (And don’t be a Martyr):
If you want to “inspire” change in your household, you start the change. Don’t make a big deal out of it either. If you are making the change and treating it like you are being nailed to the cross, why would you expect your spouse to make a change?

8) Not Speaking From Your Own Self-Interest:
A big challenge starting out in marriage (and throughout if it’s not resolved) is dealing with the compulsion to speak from your own self-interest. How can you build credibility if your spouse can’t trust that you are looking out for their self-interest!

You don’t have to do big things to make your spouse feel wanted. Small things matter a lot and make a lot of sense. Very often we forget to be human with the ones we love the most. Working on the least of things will bring about the greatest happiness.


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