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Don’t Drive That Special Someone Away!

Male, female, it doesn’t matter. Some things are just annoying in a partner, and can end up driving that special someone away. Hear are some tips on things that might beconsidered deal breakers.

Pay Attention:
Being ignored is no fun when you’re a kid, and is really annoying as an adult. If you do all the talking, will you even notice when your spouse gets up and walks away? And they will. Listen to what they have to say. Ask pertinent questions to show that you really are listening and not just zoning out. When you and your partner both get home from work, don’t go and surf the web rather than spend time with your partner. Pay Attention!

Table Manners:
Please. Chew with your mouth closed. Don’t talk with your mouth full. The silverware provided for you next to your plate is not just there to dress up the table. Use them! If you were provided with a napkin, use that as well!

Personal Hygiene:
You don’t need expensive clothes and you don’t need to be on the cutting edge of style. Makeup-take it or leave it. You don’t need to be totally in shape in every way, not the end of the world if you’re not. But, for the love of deodorant, take a shower! You can, at the very least, be clean.

Don’t be Lazy:
Taking a break is okay, and someone who can balance work and a social live is very desirable to the opposite sex. Staying on the couch all day, every day playing video games while there is a sink full of dishes or children who need attention, or just not using your free time well-too bad! You don’t have to be employed in a conventional job, or even at all, but you do have to get up occasionally.

Don’t Order:
If you want something, ask. Don’t tell your partner to get you water or to pick something up from the dry cleaners. They are not your maid or your mother. Ask. Don’t Take Them For Granted! Don’t take it for granted that just because they did the dishes last night that they should be doing the dishes every night. Responsibilities should be discussed and shared in every aspect of a relationship, not just housework.

NO Whining:
If you have a problem, do not politely hint at it, or try to ‘get back’ in little ways. Grow up and grow a pair, especially you ladies out there. If you have a problem, don’t let it fester for two weeks and then explode about it. You can actually discuss things like adults, and if they can’t, well, that’s pretty annoying too.

Whatever odious personal habit you KNOW that you have, we all have them, and they can be annoying to other people. Work on yourself. These things can drive the perfect person away, but not to worry. Once you start to think about how your own life is, you can fix it.


4 Responses to “Don’t Drive That Special Someone Away!”

  1. To show that you really are listening and not just zoning out. When you and your …

  2. Even though you are not gonna reply, I’ll just say Hi and I hope you are doing well. Take care and keep up the good work.

  3. AJ is always frisky! I’m doing well, Thanks! I hope you’re doing fine! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. yeah! I’m cool, not too bad I guess.

    say…..do you have an email address I can reach you on or even a number would be great, if thats chill with you.

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