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ABC’s Of Marriage


A – Abandon Selfishness and Be Open to Change

B – Bestow Praise on One Another

C – Call Home if Running Late

D – Dream Dreams Together

E – Enjoy Learning New Discoveries About One Another

F – Flowers Say Much

G – Grins Can Be Life Giving in Your Marriage

H – Hands are for Holding

I – Invest Your Time, Talent and Treasure on Your Marriage Relationship

J – Journey Together and Share Expectations

K – Know How to Have Fun Together

L – Love is a Decision

M – Make Time for Being Alone Together

N – Negativity is Death Dealing in Any Relationship

O – Obliterate Jumping to Conclusions

P – Plan for Passion

Q – Quit Quarrelling Constantly — If the issue is over 48 hours old, let it go!

R – Remember Special Days, e.g. Anniversaries

S – Share Feelings on a Daily Basis

T – Take Lots of Pictures and Create Great Memories

U – Unity Creates Joy

V – Vacations are Not Luxuries – Make Time to Re-Create

W – Write Love Letters to One Another

X – Xmas is a Time for Building Traditions, Not for Creating Tension

Y – Yearn for a Great Marriage, Not Just a Good One, By Supporting One Another

Z – Zestfulness Breeds Excitement


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