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The Power Of God – True Story

I would like to share as to how the Power of God is able to defy all laws of physics and energy. This incident happened during a convention way back in the year 1998. The evening meetings of the convention were held in an open ground and the morning meetings were held in a marriage hall adjacent to this ground.

The evening meeting on the first day came to a halt due to heavy rains. The amplifiers, mixer consoles were powered off as these were completely filled with rain water. BUT OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST did not want the meeting to be cancelled. One Pastor asked the multitude of people to gather into the marriage hall and the meeting resumed within a short gap of 15 minutes. We were asked to setup the P. A. System inside the hall. ‘Can anyone even imagine of powering on these water filled amplifiers and mixer consoles?’. Satan was filling our minds with these thoughts. BUT THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING made us fill with the power of the Holy Spirit and we started setting up the PA System. Within minutes the multitude of people could hear the sound from the speakers. The miraculous thing that we observed is that all of us were completely wet while setting up and while operating the P. A. System.

No electric shocks, No short circuiting, No equipment failure, All laws of Physics defied by the ALMIGHTY POWER OF GOD. IF WE ARE FILLED BY HIS POWER, NO STRANGE COULD EVEN TOUCH US. When we stop thinking, JESUS CHRIST starts to do miracles.

Thanks be to God for reminding me and helping me share this wonder filled miracle.


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