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Put God To The Test

As Christians, no matter how faithful we are to God, at times, we can become a little distant from God, especially during adversity. We begin to question why God has placed this burden upon us and even wonder if He is even around. Sometimes adversities come our way to strengthen us and bring us closer to God, for instance, we may never understand the death of a loved one, but God knows what is best for us and goes beyond the surface to help His child the best way He knows how. God takes care of His children and gives them the best life He can while here on earth and even a greater life in heaven. Praise God!

We mess up though when we choose to follow our own will rather than God’s, such as the case with the Israelites. As long as they followed God’s will He was right there with them and blessed them, but if they did evil He turned His back on them. – Judges 6:1,2. The Israelites were forced to live in dens and caves in order to flee from the Midianites. It was not until they called for God’s help that He sent Gideon, a prophet, to help them defeat the Midianites. – Judges 6:12-15. God assured Gideon that He was with them and would help them defeat the Midianites. Gideon questioned God and asked Him, if you are with us then why are we going through all this suffering, prove to me that You are with us. Now, it is okay to ask God questions and seek His guidance during adversity, He wants us to communicate with Him. The sad thing is that most people flee from God during adversity instead of seeking Him and unfortunately more adversity comes until we realize that we need Him. How can we expect God’s blessings if we continue to live in sin? It is one thing to take the steps needed to better ourselves and remove sin, it is another to deliberately do it, expecting God’s blessings simply by saying a prayer. God knows our hearts and knows when we are sincere in seeking forgiveness or just mocking Him.

Gideon put God to the test – Judges 6:36-39. God is always with us and we can ask Him to give us proof that He is with us, believe it or not, He still proves Himself today. He wants to show us miracles, He wants to show us that He hears us, but we must first have that faith in Him and respect Him. We cannot just go to God in anger and disrespect to get Him to answer us, doing that only prolongs suffering. Think about it. Have you ever had someone demand that you do something? We are not so quick at getting it done, are we?. Or have you ever been driving down the road and someone rushes behind you, trying to intimidate you and get you to go faster? You tend to want to go slower, right? Well, God is the same way, if we are being rude and pushy, He will just slow down. He is very patient and will not hesitate to teach us a little bit of patience.

Now, once God proves Himself it is time for us to prove to Him that we trust in Him and seek His will. It was time for Gideon to be put to the test, they were about to go into battle with the Midianites, God reduced the Israelite army down to three hundred men. Three hundred against thousands, but Gideon trusted God to deliver them and He did. The Israelites took back control and God delivered the Midianites into their hands. – Judges 7:22-25. It is only when we seek God’s will that He will bless us. In order to prove Himself the Son of God, Jesus did not rush to save a man named Lazarus when his sisters called for Him to come and heal him. It was actually not until Lazarus died that He came to prove Himself. – John 11:14,15. Jesus is saying that if I just went there to heal him no one would believe it was me, but if I raise him from the dead they will know that this is only from God. God proves Himself in order to show us that we must trust in Him first to see His blessings. Every day I ask God to show me that He hears my prayers and sometimes I get no answer, but when I do it is amazing. If you have questions, God will answer them. Just stay faithful and trust in Him, He will prove to you that He hears you, but you have to prove to Him that you hear Him also. He loves you and wants to bless you, but before He does He wants to know that you love Him. Praise God for His love!



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