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What Is The Danger Of Correcting Someone Else Sins?


Paul says one danger is that you may also be tempted to sin. Forexample, if someone tells you anasty little secret about someoneelse, you may say to your friend,”you know, you really shouldn’t gossip about Bill like that.” Butthen you get to thinking, ” that’s a really juicy little morsel; I’ve got to tell someone about it.” Or if a friend is looking at a picture in a porn magazine or on the Internet, you may approach him to say, “hey, that’s not really good for you,” but then he says, “yeah, but take a look at this. You’ve never seen a pair of gazebos like this before in your life.”

The second danger of correcting someone else is that you get to feel that you’re better than he is. I know a woman who grew up in a home with a mother who was an alcoholic, kind of unusual, and today she is a gentle but persistent crusader against drugs and alcohol. I have the utmost respect for her she sets a good example, she’s not in your face about it, and she has a powerful testimony of the problems that alcohol can cause in a family. But this woman has an unrelated but serious problem of her own and until very recently, any efforts to bring it to her attention, even very gently and lovingly, were met with an attitude of “that’s not important; look at all these things I do; I’m better than that.”

The third danger is putting a barrier between you and the other person. Of making him reject Christ and Christians. Do you ever compare yourself to someone else? Why? People look at the flaws in someone else to feel better about themselves. Others simply want reassurance that they are doing well. When you’re tempted to compare yourself with someone else, COMPARE YOUR SELFS WITH JESUS for a dose of humility. His example will inspire you to do your very best and his loving acceptance will comfort you when you fall short.

Why is it important to have Christian friends? Someone to gently point out your sins. Someone with the same Godly values and standards that you have, not living by earthly values. Someone to give you encouragement and help. Someone that you can encourage and help.


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