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Don’t Know How To Pray?

Many Christians don’t know how to pray, because they fear how their words will sound to God. But what matters most is that we be honest with God, even though He knows every thing about us. We can come boldly to Him and express ourselves openly before Him. Heb 4:14-16. Eloquence is not necessary! So, don’t worry about your words -just talk to God from your heart. (1 Sam 1:10-17). We do have a mediator too! Rom 8:26.

Myla Belen Bejo
That is always what I did, talking to him everything while washing clothes, washing dishes, on bed, on work, it is a wonderful life walking with God. I talked to Him before I go to sleep and He is also the first one who came to my senses on the morning. 🙂 and believe me He woke me up if I forgot to set my alarm clock and I am amazed for the exactness of everything, my time, my money, my schedule, I know it is who did. and for the angels who surrounds me everyday. 🙂 God knows everything.. that is why He is my Compass, My dear Jesus, my Shepherd, my all and all 🙂

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