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Husband’s Daily Prayer

A Husband’s Daily Prayer,

As a husband I beseech Thee, O Truiune God, make me unselfish, cheerful, trustful, thrifty and a divoted companion. If I am blessed by Fatherhood, I ask the additional grace of helpfulness and good example. May our family be modeled upon the Holy Family.

O God, I pray this Husband’s Daily Prayer in name of Jesus Christ – AMEN


• • • ♥ • • •


TEN RULES for a Happy and Successful Husband:

1) Show affection to your wife and be truly faithful to her.

2) Do not nag or abuse her; avoid prolonged arguments.

3) Always kiss and make up before retiring.

4) Compliment your wife liberally. It makes her a better person and a finer companion.

5) Treat your wife once a week to a dinner or show or both, set a date night.

6) Drink and eat moderately.

7) Plan you budget together, treat it as a business meeting once a week and no other time.

8) Admit your mistakes with regret. Better to be happy then right.

9) Keep your business problems and troubles where they belong.

10) Pray together and stay to gether.


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