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Prophecy Delayed But Not Denied – {Part 1}

Do you ever wonder why it takes so long to get a prophecy fulfilled? You may have had a great prophetic word years ago and it has never come to pass. Someone else you know has a prophetic word and theirs comes to pass in six weeks. There are reasons for that – one can be that you have never been prayed that word through, another is that you are offended at something or somebody, and this offense has been holding your blessings back.

The word “offense” is translated from the Greek, “Skandalon” which means scandalous. When you have offense in your spirit it is hard for you to rise higher in your life. Get your attitude right and God will take care of the rest. Start your day out with saying “Yes, Lord!” because there will be something He asks you to do today that you will not want to do. Abraham staggered not at the promise of God but gave glory to God…”he grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God.” (Rom 4:20 AMP).

Keep praising Him and allow the joy of the Lord to be your strength…

“And be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold.” Neh 8:10 AMP

The enemy would do anything he can to steal your joy, but once you are aware of his tactics, you can stand up to him and rebuke depression and sorrow before it can ever take hold. And do a little dance. Smith Wigglesworth saw the Lord raise over twenty people from the dead in his day, but had bleeding gallstones and a daughter who was cross-eyed. But, he got out of bed every morning and danced before the Lord at a high speed. Dancing worked for King David too even though his wife didn’t like it. Unfortunately her pride created life-long barreness in her life.It takes humility to praise HIm, especially when you don’t feel like it, and even more when it is not your fault! But when you humble yourself under His Mighty hand He promises to exalt you in due time.

Keith Hudson


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