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Judas Is Alive???????

Many people (Believers and Non Believers) when asked for a bad example, point out to Judas Iscariot, because he betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss and 30 pieces of silver, we would consider him the worst. Judas was close to Jesus real close, like touch him close. He was in the church business, but he cared more for the money. He betrayed the Lord with a Kiss. A kiss is an act of affection that is why the Lord said “you betray me with a kiss!” This was the time when Judas realized what he had done, “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood” Matt 27: 4. The devil laughed at him, he gave up Jesus for free! He returned the money and he didn’t use it for anything. He ran out went to a tree and hanged himself and died.

So Judas died by hanging himself but, God says Judas is not dead, confused, let me explain?

People say that they love God; in public they show a little affection, a little praise, a little worship, a little fast. But when they are alone at home they run into sin, thus betraying God, with a Kiss! People watch TV for hours, and spend around a minute or two for God, they are kissing God! Attend church on Sunday and that’s it, some never read the Bible or even open the word until the next Sunday. Some people don’t even have time to attend church on Sunday because they have work, but still say they have a relationship with God, they are kissing him!

We are not selling God for 30 pieces of silver but for porn, money, adultery, homosexuality, idle time and the list goes on! Some sell God for simple things like popularity! We try to repent by speaking vain words and we never change. We try to give back what we sold God for, but the devil won’t take it. And we won’t really repent of it! So, spiritually, we are hanging ourselves! And it’s only a matter of time before we loose the SPIRIT, and hell is wide open for us! Everything we gained is temporal, and we do not benefit from it, just like Judas and the 30 pieces of silver. We are buying our own graves!


2 Responses to “Judas Is Alive???????”

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