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Prayer For Your Children

Place your child’s name(s) where it says ‘them’ while praying

Father, I pray that my children:

* Make wise choices concerning their friends, and how they spend their time

* Give them strength to say no when they are tempted; Show them the way of escape that you promised

* Help them to be good students; Heal any deficiencies they have; Give them a good grasp of their studies

* Teach them good organizational skills and to discipline themselves to always be on time

* Teach them the value of their bodies and how to take proper care of them

* Help them to value their virginity and to see the benefits of waiting until married to have sexual relations

* Help them to be teachable and correctable

* Birth in them a desire to do their best in all things

* Show them the importance of finding a good church home and being involved there

* Teach them to hate lies and to love the truth

* Birth in them a love of family and a desire for a strong Christian home when they marry

* Protect them from anything taking root in their lives that would cause trouble in their marriage and lead to divorce

* Protect them daily from danger of any kind

* Give them a love of wholesome shows, games, music and entertainment. Help them to lose their desire for any unwholesome activities.


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