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How Does Divorce Affect Children?

Divorce can create a lot of drastic changes for the family. All members of the family will be affected when they finalize a divorce. The children are the ones that are most affected by this situation. Their young minds are forced to cope with the problem and they get caught in between the rivals of the parents.

Children are very much affected when their parents get divorced. This is not really their fault, but sometimes they tend to blame themselves. They lose comfort and security from their parents, and they start to live apart.

Here are some of the reasons on how divorce can affect the welfare of the children:

Emotional stress and resentment
Children do not understand divorce. Their young minds are not capable of understanding the problems that their parents undergo. When parents decide to get divorced, the children are tending to get angry and reckless. This is how they express their madness of the current situation. They get to be irresponsible and difficult to manage. When the family is not whole, the children look for that missing love. They want full care and attention, and they cannot have it when their parents 19 divorce. When the children are growing with a broken family, they will get worst in their attitudes. Some children refuse to do well in school. This is because they lack the proper guidance from parents. Divorced children are most often the hardest children to deal with, though we cannot blame them for being like that.

Children having divorced parents will have to decide where they want to spend their holidays with. Sometimes they cannot choose for themselves because they are caught in between the rivals of their parents. They cannot enjoy having their both parents in an occasion at the same time. Christmas, New Years 19, birthdays, and other occasions; the parents decide where they better stay.

Visitation rights are granted by the court provided each parent has a valid reason on why the kids should stay on them. This can be very difficult for the children having two homes at the same time with parents living in two different roofs.

Children with divorced parents are likely to have low grades in school. This is because they are not guided by their parents completely. They tend to be very irresponsible. Other children from school may also be harsh on them because their parents are divorced. This will give them the lack of confidence in dealing with other people.

Also, when the single parent have more than one job so that he or she can provide for the family well, they tend to have no more time for their children. This is why children are difficult to approach and it is hard to talk to them. The divorce will create such walls against every member of the family. Children get this distressed approach to people.

The life of the children after their parents get divorced is very hard for them. Without proper attention, they may become inferior to everyone in their lives.





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  1. @TamilianPonnu Thank you for sharing this valuable and informative article, Family breakdown and divorce places children at risk.

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